Carpets & Rugs for Projects

This area is totally allocated for the clients who have interests in rugs and carpets for hotels, villas, resorts etc

We have almost all you need for hotels/resorts/office/villas/residential apartments etc :
1. Handtufted rugs and carpets in wool, wool-nylon mix
2. Hand-knotted area rugs
3. flatwoven including kilims
4. Axminster carpets : for 4-5 star and above
5. Wilton carpets : below 4 star hotels
6. Carpet tiles : mainly for office locations
7. Printed carpets 
8. Nylon carpets
9. Outdoor carpets
10. Natural floor coverings

You may please click the undermentioned link, to see our pre-qualifications required for any hotel projects, HERE YOU WILL SEE AND WILL BE HIGHLY SATIFIED THAT WE CAN UNDERTAKE ANY OF YOUR PROJECTS

This covers :
1. Certifications
2. Carpet testings
3. Process chart
4. Tests qualification for hospitality carpets and rugs
5. Factory tour of carpets to be made by hand and by machine, which covers, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, hand-woven, axminster, wilton etc.
6. Projects done by us and our associates in past
7. Projects pictures where the carpets manufactured by us/our associates are displayed
8. Care & cleaning instructions

These kind of carpets are rugs are used at following places :
1. Hotel lobby
2. Corridors
3. Guest rooms
4. Presidential suites
5. Vice-presidential suites
6. Executive Rooms
7. Villas
8. Resorts
9. restaurants
10. banquet halls



Sureka Puram Colony, Jabalpur Road, Bathua,
Mirzapur – 231 001, U.P.



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