Custom Sized Rugs in India

What are custom size area rugs?

Having trouble in finding the perfect floor covering to go well with interior decor? Well, time to rest your worries now. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, whether its home or office, you get to find the best carpets for yourself. Choose from the vast range of pattern, size, shape, material and create your personalized carpet. Custom made rugs lists on top among the choices of people, as they let your creativity take shape. Whether you want something classic, eccentric art piece or modern, unconventional ones, you can have it all with us. We offer you exciting range of colour combinations and patterns in our stock. Designs can be varied, you can find symmetrical, unsymmetrical, geometrical patterns or flower designs and even monotones are a great choice. An array of beautiful carpet awaits you. Without doubt, custom made rugs are great option if you want to own multiple rugs. You can use it in hallway, living room or kitchen or bedroom.

You have numerous options along with vast colour range from bright and attractive to pale hues. Colour choices should be made keeping the overall decor in your mind since we don’t want you to go overboard. For wood furniture it’s better to have colourful carpets since they bring out the best. Furthermore, these carpets are available in different materials such as sisal, wool, viscose, hemp, jute, silk, bamboo silk and so on. One has to purchase the rug according to the use. For low traffic are go for soft textured floor coverings, while for high traffic area you can choose wool or other natural rugs. With such vast options we make sure you also get durability and strength, since, quality with quantity is a must for every customer.

Find your perfect carpet!

How to find the perfect custom size area rugs?

1. Consider where and how the rug will be used. For high traffic area you need to choose durable and strong materials such as wool or other natural material. On the other hand if it is a low traffic area you can consider viscose, bamboo silk etc.

2. Colour and pattern comes the next. Depending on the accent of your interior or theme you can choose bold and attractive colour pattern to add interest. While you can also go for grey and soft hues for calmer look.

3. Size matters!! Well, one needs to measure the dimensions correctly to determine the size of the required carpet. Only then can you customize rugs in accordance to your need. Also allow at least 12” – 18” of space between wall and the edges of your rug.

How to create your own customized rugs?
Steps to choose custom made rugs

1. Size and shape: Firstly, measure the size of the area where you want to use the rugs. In fact, it can be oval, sphere, rectangular, or any other shaped.

2. Material: Secondly you need to decide the material which shall be used to weave the carpet, whether it is wool, silk, sisal, cotton or any other. The choice of material used for rug construction will affect the final design rendered, in terms of color, texture and overall feel of the rug.

3. Pattern: Next one and very important one is the quality that you desire. For long-lasting and costlier piece the rug can be hand-knotted however, if you want to give regular change and doesn’t feel like spending lot of cash you can choose hand-tufted rugs.

4. Design: Next step in the process is the design selection of specification. You can either choose from classic prints or modern patterns, you can even create your own design apart from the pre-existing design.

5. Sample: Your design is then sent off to our weavers to create a strike-off’ of the custom rug as a sample for you to see the colors and design before the full rug is produced. Once the strike-off is made, it is shipped to us and shared with you in case of any alteration requests. Once a final is approved, it is sent for complete production. This cost high, and have to be borne by the client, so normally we discourage.

7. Finally, the anticipated masterpiece is ready to be delivered to your home!

Delivery time for Custom size area rugs

If you are looking for faster delivery of custom size area rugs, it will be very tough, as for making a specialised rug, we have to start all the process from step 1. The entire process takes 30 – 90 days depending on the size, design and style of your custom rug. Be careful during the whole process. A good rug enhances your home décor, serving as a mean to add warmth during the cold winter or as an escape from hot dreaded summer.

In today’s fast world where everything is examined by the rates and review, one needs to stay highly competitive to stand out from others. And, I feel proud to let our customers know that we have been rated best among all. You can go thoroughly our sites and various sections to have a better picture of your requirement and options available. Your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we make sure we deliver the best quality material to our customers in our knowledge. You get to customize your carpets with eccentric touch as a statement to your personal style. Above all we avail you custom size rugs at quite affordable prices. We guarantee you the best of our service. For any more requirements you may always contact us.



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