Hand-Tufted Rugs in India

How Hand-tufted Rugs are made?

Hand-knotted rugs are completely handmade, skilled and patient weavers spend substantial time weaving it. Unlike, hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs follows varying process.  It is made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame with the help of a hand-operated tool. These can be in same level cut pile, high low cut pile, loop cut pile or all loop cut pile, depending upon the requirements. After piling with wool, the rug is removed from the frame, and a scrim fabric is glued to the back, more popularly known as latex.  After the tufting is complete, the rug is then backed with a material referred to as a scrim.  Furthermore, latex glue is used to adhere the scrim to the foundation cloth. After the backing is complete, the rug is trimmed, creating a cut pile, although sometimes loops are left as design elements.  Hand tufted wool rug can also be carved to create additional design elements in the rug. To give a look of hand-knotted from front side a fringe is added by either sewing or gluing it on, otherwise it is locked/binded from all sides. This process is not as time taking as the previous one and also doesn't require same level of skill.

Best Yarn for hand-tufted rugs:

 There are different yarns that can be used in manufacturing hand-tufted rugs. Wool is considered to be best which comes as Indian Bikaner, Blended (Indian -New Zealand ), or 100% New Zealand wool and thus we can say hand-tufted wool rugs are the best. One can also use silk which may be natural or artificial(viscose or art silk) linen yarn, hemp, bamboo silk or mix etc. These yarn will shed in the beginning but will gradually stop, as this is a natural property of the yarn and happens in all the cases.

Are you modern or classic with your floor taste?

When you wish to make any selection for the design, you may always check with us. Or if you have any design in your mind and have seen anywhere you can provide and we will try to transform your desire on the floor.  The design may be abstract, contemporary, oriental, traditional, classic, modern, Persian, floral  or can also be in Shaped rugs(round, square, rectangle or cut shape). The carving effect if required are better in a hand-tufted wool rug.

Are hand-tufted rugs Cheap in prices?

In fact Hand-tufted rugs have similar look as hand-knotted rugs, but they are cheaper than the latter one. The reason being the ease of processing. For instance, a good hand-knotted rug that takes around a year to be completed if it was made using hand tufting it can be weaved in one week for standard size !!  A good manufacturer might even give these rugs dimensional look with a bit of effort. Even you can easily afford a Hand-tufted rugs, made with the finest quality of wool looking worth a million bucks. These rugs are the best suitable for heavy traffic areas like living rooms & hallways. Nowadays, apart from pure wool, the use of synthetic fibers like viscose, polyester in hand-tufted carpets has been becoming trend. This type of carpets are best suited to those who prefer aesthetic change routinely. It would be very right to say that the Hand-tufted carpets are sophisticated, trendy,  voguish and a lot more, that also at a very affordable rate.

Custom Sizes in hand-tufted rugs :

In addition to wholesale supply, we are also into customized section or say personalised or bespoke. We have tailor-made facilities where we can produce for you one rug at a time with your design, colour and size. Hand-tufted wool rugs are always advisable in view of strength and longevity. While you go for interior change including carpets. I would advise you to have a brief idea about the kind of changes do you desire. Very often, we get tired of looking at the plain contemporary interior with pale shades all over. In that case, you need to brighten up your personal space and give yourself a pleasant variation. For example try hand-tufted carpets with rich colored dyes and lavish appearance or simply choose dark monotonous hue.




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