Kilim style rug:


Out of other different heritage collection of the traditional pattern of weave, kilim rugs are one of the high demand flatweaves from India. These beautiful patterns of kilim have been originated from Turkey, but are being manufactured from last many decades in India. These are handwoven flatweave rugs manufactured with different designs as per your requirements. Give your space an added touch of luxury with our kilim style rugs. This piece will instantly update any room in your home with a blend of traditional influence. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Killim style Rugs and offer this product as per client requirement.

These Kilim rugs are now made widely all around Turkey, India, Iran and other Oriental countries. Each region holds its own unique approach toward crafting a Kilim. When we talk for the motifs in some cases of the kilims, these come in different motifs and each has its own meaning and purpose which are unique for each region.

Custom Kilim style rug :

These are regularly made in common and standard sizes but in addition to the normal sizes, we can also personalise these rugs as per your sizes. So do not worry about the sizes you need we can make any huge size and shapes. If you notice in these kilim rugs all the patterns formed are geometric and among them are the artworks of such symbols. This is the main reason when you are looking for something stunning with the simplicity you can always make your choice for these styles. Even in addition to the floor, you can use these as couch covers, wall hangings or maybe get the same framed to give rustic look.

Materials for kilim style rugs :

These hand-woven rugs are flat-woven and are traditional in the design pattern. This is also named as the reversible rug which is also lightweight and offers a cultural and heritage connection with its origin. When we talk for the finished look, we must say that its finishing is smooth yet tough, making every Kilim durable. Wool in weft and cotton in the warp are the traditional yarns being used to manufacture kilim style rugs. But in view of the change in demand jute has in some cases replaced cotton and in few cases being used instead of wool too. It gives a rusty and antique look. As against pile carpets, these are flatweaves.

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